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Minnesota Vikings 13-3
Cincinnati Bengals 12-3-1
Carolina Panthers 11-5
Arizona Cardinals 9-7
Green Bay Packers 9-7
Washington Redskins 9-7
49ERS - 49ERS
Wednesday, May 11 - 2:35 PM

San Francisco 49ers 0
Chicago Bears 0
Cincinnati Bengals 0
Buffalo Bills 0
Denver Broncos 0
Cleveland Browns 0

Too Good to Air


Looking for Laughs

Whatever Happened to Jimmy Kimmel

By Dennis Ranahan

The defending Super Bowl Champion Denver Broncos will more than likely kickoff the 2016 season as a home underdog. This is the 13th year the National Football League has opened their season with a primetime Thursday night contest featuring the defending Super Bowl Champion. It will be the first time the home team gets points, but it is not the first time the Broncos have been an exception to the rules for opening games.

Since the National Football League adopted the scheduling of the defending Super Bowl champion at home for the primetime Thursday night opener in 2004, the defending champs at home have done extremely well. They are 10-1 straight-up and 6-2-3 against the point spread. The only defending Super Bowl Champion to lose at home in defense of their title was the 2012 New York Giants. They lost to the Dallas Cowboys at Giants Stadium, 24-17, while listed as a four point favorite.

But, the New York Giants are not the only defending Super Bowl Champion since 2004 to lose, the Baltimore Ravens also failed in their first game following their 2012 Super Bowl winning campaign, but they did it on the road.

The Baltimore Ravens play their home games at M&T Bank Stadium which shares a parking lot with Camden Yards, home of Major League Baseball’s Baltimore Orioles. Parking restrictions prevent the Orioles playing at their yard and the Ravens meeting an opponent in their home stadium at the same time. The Orioles and Major League Baseball refused to reschedule their meeting with the Chicago White Sox on the first Thursday in September even though they knew in February that September 5 would be the only date available for the Ravens to open defense of their Vince Lombardi Trophy in front of their home fans.

Major League Baseball and the Baltimore Orioles showed no special consideration for the Ravens. Yet, once baseball jabbed Baltimore, the NFL schedule makers drove a wooden stake into their heart. Now forced to open on the road, the league put Baltimore in the toughest of all venues for them to open the 2013 season; back in the Mile High City where they had upset the Broncos in a Divisional playoff game the previous January.

Banking Two Thoughts
About Money

By Dennis Ranahan

Now, I want to be really careful how I state this and I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. So, let me state it clearly and then I respectfully ask you to read the whole article so you know what I mean.

It’s not about the money.

Okay, don’t overreact to that statement, but rather open up to the possibility of holding two thoughts at the same time; it’s not about the money and it’s all about the money.

Those two statements are not in opposition, but rather a key factor in turning sports wagering from an emotional rollercoaster to a steady-as-she-goes investment. Here’s why, the books prey on the emotions of gamblers who are quick to predictable actions that almost always leave them in the red. Why? Because gamblers wager more when they are ahead until they no longer are while thinking they are playing with “house” money. In an even worse scenario, some bet more when they are behind in an attempt to get even until they have lost much more than they ever thought they would risk.

Gamblers often base their wagers not on the strength of a point spread proposition, but rather on the success or failure of the previous result. In other words, past money wins or losses are determining current wager amounts.

That’s what I mean when I say it’s not about the money. A wager should never be about the money and only about the strength of the current point spread proposition. The amount wagered on a particular game should only be based on the value of that play … not what happened in any previous result.

When that method is followed the only thing that really matters can be realized, bottom line profits. Because, and never lose sight of this … it’s all about the money.

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