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Minnesota Vikings 13-3
Cincinnati Bengals 12-3-1
Carolina Panthers 11-5
Arizona Cardinals 9-7
Green Bay Packers 9-7
Washington Redskins 9-7

No games this week

San Francisco 49ers 0
Chicago Bears 0
Cincinnati Bengals 0
Buffalo Bills 0
Denver Broncos 0
Cleveland Browns 0

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Looking for Laughs

Whatever Happened to Jimmy Kimmel

Press Row
By Dennis Ranahan

Okay, everyone that can add basic numbers is taking the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50.

My favorite radio personality, Tom Tolbert of KNBR in San Francisco, has had a parade of football people stop by his broadcast spot on media row at the Super Bowl and seemingly without exception all have predicted a Carolina win. That goes for players, coaches, team executives and fellow broadcasters.

In the midst of this onslaught of people picking the Panthers is the consistent voice of Tolbert himself. The one-time second round draft choice of the Charlotte Hornets who played four seasons with the Golden State Warriors and before that on an Arizona team under legendary head coach Lute Olson that advanced to the final four, likes Denver in this game.

Tolbert is one of the few athletes I have met that can make a distinction between pure talent and the motivational and situational factors that more often dictate results. Many athletes and coaches, John Madden at the top of this list, disdain the thought that their performance could be governed so dramatically by anything other than their skill and game plan.

It is as if talented athletes and coaches would like to think they are immune from the human condition and instead driven by some force that they totally control. By their assessment, if they prepare well and do their job they will succeed despite any influences beyond their control. In fact, their preparation and game day performance is tied to nature just as surely as a person gets wet when walking in rain and hot on a sunny day.

Spread Shift Catch
Adding Profits

Cause and effect.

It is not always what most people think. But it is consistent. On the other side of something happening, a cause can always be identified as if it was in the shine of a spotlight on an otherwise pitch black moonless night.

Often, affect hides the cause behind public sentiment.

Public opinion is swayed by bits and pieces of information that are assigned significance in an assortment of ways … none necessarily tethered to something that truly drives predictable results.

Going in, likely; coming out, certainty.

Even a contest yet to be decided that has a 99% probability of favoring one side in a two team race fails to offer an ironclad guarantee, but after a game is over one side is the 100% winner and the other a zero.

Certainty is only provided after a contest is decided.

The cause of something is most often tied to the need to perform at a higher level than recent outings. When a team in that sphere meets a team that has run a winning streak to it’s limits, an opportunity to cash a proposition most often comes with points on the spread.

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