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Bright Money Management
Business Benefits

Winning requires layers and layers of correct actions. The picks are fundamental, but even once a winning selection is delivered actions in alignment with maximizing profits are available to act on.

Wagering the best point spread available in the final two hours before kickoff will add 7% to the bottom line while transforming would-be losses into pushes and wins.
The biggest obstacle between wagering and profit is that most people wedge gambling between the two. Gambling seldom generates a bottom line profit. When business decisions are made from a highly charged emotional place and money is leveraged in haphazard amounts as if it were a toss of the dice profits seldom follow. The most influential bottom line decisions for many a football gambler are done late in the afternoon from the bar.

What if wager amounts were in alignment with the virtues of the selections and those picks were leveraged with a bright money management strategy in place?

If that method was adopted, profits that returned 130 to 160 percent of opening account balances could be expected over the 17 week regular season even if the extra 7% for best line available wasn’t captured. A thirty to sixty percent profit in 17 weeks would be considered both astronomical and unbelievable in most financial circles; but in the gambling world, where the credo is to make a killing, those numbers don’t generate the excitement bite many gamblers seek before the season begins.

The only time the advertised Qoxhi returns are appreciated is after the season. When a $20,000 opening account balance enters the playoffs at $27,354 the real benefit of a money management strategy strictly adhered with Qoxhi Picks is understood. Gamblers banking on unrealistic expectations and wagering huge sums of money are left with their stories of the season, while those that approach the activity from a more refined investment perspective can confidently pocket their profits.

Qoxhi offers five money management strategies online that are personalized to the subscriber based on opening account balance, selected strategy and previous results with the actual spreads available to a client. Qoxhi offers five money management strategies, each designed to generate consistent profits with varying degrees of risk versus return factors. The five recommended money management strategies available to access with the ease of clicking on the selected teams and wagering the amounts indicated are Basic, Aggressive, Top Pick Aggressive, Top Pick Double and Top Pick Exclusive.

Once a client has indicated an opening account balance and selected strategy the Account Manager will generate exact wager amounts to be leveraged on each selected game. By season end, those that led the charge by making wagers in alignment with the business structure will have their profits reflected both on the Account Manager and in their pocket.