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Money Management Strategies

Skilled surgeons, architects, builders and other professionals expect successful results in their field of expertise because they know what they are doing and apply their talents to the operation at hand. Successful point spread campaigns are generated the same way; from individuals who know what drives point spread results and apply those principals and practices while identifying winning propositions.

Qoxhi delivers game day NFL selections that are both expected to win and usually do.

To maximize profits in the emotionally charged arena of National Football League action a bright business plan that dictates wager amounts is essential, and Qoxhi offers five strategies online that serve various desires of risk versus return. All five consistently earn profits, and any reliable money management plan that balances the wagering throughout the season will produce profits with Qoxhi Picks.

The five money management strategies available online are designed to balance your financial stake in the face of enticements that always threaten to have one game make or break a season.

At Qoxhi we are in the business of having you make money, that’s how we maintain our client trust and earn your confidence. All the tools a person needs to make money from NFL results are available on the Qoxhi site.

It is easy to declare before a season that one is going to wager on the selections in exact accordance to their ratings and established opening account balances, but emotional forces that shake confidence on some picks and enhance opinions on others will lure most to financial risk off stated objectives. While my years in this business has taught me to allow clients to play as well as work on this game, my only request is that when you have an urge to take extra risk with a wager amount larger than normal, have it coincide with the times my organization is delivering you a Top Pick.

That way, we both get done what we want; you make more money and I serve another satisfied customer.

Any bright money management regimen faithfully executed in concert with Qoxhi Picks is expected to generate significant profits over the course of an NFL season. Yet, for ease of operation and exactness for managing funds in a proven money management method, it is highly recommended that clients adopt one of the five money management strategies offered on this site. Each managed with the ease of operation offered by the Account Manager. Qoxhi offers online; Basic, Aggressive, Top Pick Double, Top Pick Aggressive and Top Pick Exclusive strategies.  All five are keyed by the declared opening balance, which dictates wager amounts in alignment with the Money Management Number assigned to each rated game selection.

An opening account balance needs to blend two factors, how much you are comfortable wagering on an individual game and how much capital you are willing to put at risk in this point spread venture. If you are a four-dime player, your opening account balance should be $100,000.

If you don’t have $100,000 to put at risk then you shouldn’t be a four-dime player, but if you could afford and chose to put a half-million dollars at risk, your individual game wagers should be twenty-two thousand dollars to properly leverage risk versus return.

To find the best opening account amount to suit your objectives and properly leverage your assets, consider this, how much money are you willing to assign to a 21 week self managed account?

If, for example, you answered $10,000, then your wager on a game with a Money Management Number of 4 would be $440. That is 1% for each Money Management Number and the vigorish, cost of the wager, which is commonly 11/10. If $440 doesn’t meet your criteria for what you would like to have at risk on an individual game, and you are looking to make at least dime wagers on each contest, then the equation dictates your opening account balance be $25,000.

If you can’t, or choose not to put $25,000 at risk, from a pure business standpoint at generating consistent profits within a framework of bright money management strategies, your dime plays need to be reduced in accordance to the dollar amount you use to establish your point spread account.

Some individuals, who thought they needed large sums of money to stimulate their interest and enjoyment of the game, find that smaller wagers, leveraged within an established budget that generates season long profits, is an even more satisfying way to enjoy NFL action and results.

Results for all five of the strategies are shown week-by-week, while your personal Account Manager keeps individual records for you on the exact amounts you wagered and recorded on the site.

The practice most important to maximizing profits every season is managing your money properly, and the provided Qoxhi recommended strategies are proven to generate profits year in and year out. Each method balances risk versus return in varying relationships, with all five designed to supplant emotional plays with consistent bright money management.

Basic Strategy

The Basic strategy calls for the same amount of money to be wagered throughout the season in relation only to the opening account balance. If the opening account balance was $10,000, an opening day wager on a five-rated Top Pick would be $550. On the final day of the regular season a 5-rated game would have a wager amount of $550 no matter what the current balance.


The Aggressive method determines wager amounts in relationship to the current balance, backing rated selections with more money based on a higher account balance than opening amounts. This strategy takes advantage of a successful season while capitalizing on winnings within a framework that does not extend the risk versus return ratio.
Top Pick Double
The Top Pick Double dictates wager amounts just as the Basic Strategy but double up on the identified best play of the week, the Top Pick.

Top Pick Aggressive

Huge returns in a season can be gained in campaigns when Top Picks hit at a higher than the expected 75% success rate while utilizing the Top Pick Aggressive game plan. This strategy calls for using the Percentage Play accelerator and doubling wagers on Top Picks. The importance of the Top Picks on the bottom line, when the already highest wager of the week is doubled, is paramount for a successful season. The high risk is almost always rewarded; only twice in 33 seasons did Qoxhi Top Picks end with more losses than wins.

Top Pick Exclusive

Banking all money risked on the identified Top Pick of the Week is the perfect plan for the most discriminating point spread player. The Top Pick Exclusive money management style wagers on the Top Pick just as the Top Pick Double strategy, but also places a wager equal to 5% of the opening account balance on the moneyline. Most Qoxhi Top Picks are underdogs and therefore pay more than the 5% wagered on the moneyline, and when the Top Pick is a favorite the amount necessary to earn 5% of the opening account balance is leveraged.


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